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The Last Recruits for Rocroi

After a painting pause I have completed all the foot regiments I need to re-fight Rocroi (1643). We will run the game 1 September and I will post the orders of battle along with a full game scenario.

The Swiss Regiment von Roll fought in the French army at Rocroi. I felt that the practical Swiss mercenaries should have less fripperies and flounces than the Spanish and Italians I had been painting previously, and be dressed in relatively subdued colours.

The Swiss pikemen were noted for wearing heavier armour than other troops in the mid 17th century so they all have tassets covering the thighs in addition to breast and back-plate.

The figures are a mix of Perry ECW, Avanpost, Warlord Games and 1898 Miniaturas.

I find that when painting non-uniformed troops it helps to use a minimal colour palate to give a coherent look. In this case I decided on blue and white combination (the colours of von Roll’s flag) — the blue fading to grey on some of the figures. This gives a pleasing combination with the buff coats worn by some of the men. Various shades of brown is the only other colour used.

Using limited colours not only gives coherence to the unit, it is also relatively realistic. Colonels often bulk-bought cloth to clothe the men of their Regiment. Whilst it was a few more years before uniforms began to be introduced, it is reasonable to assume that limited sources of supply would also limit clothing colours.

Also recently painted is the German Regiment Frangipani which fought in the Spanish army. The Colonel (Count Giulio Antonio Frangipani) was from Naples. I have no idea if he has any connection with the flower of the same name or if he had a particular liking for almond pastries (frangipane)!

Again I used a limited colour palette, this time with red predominating. The flag is copied from a photo I took at the Rocroi museum — see Flags for Rocroi post. The von Roll colours are also there.

The figures are Avanpost, which unfortunately is a Russian company. I hasten to add that I bought these miniatures last year before the invasion of Ukraine.

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