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Legio VI

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Based on a simplified version of the Comitatus mechanisms, Legio VI is designed for fast playing big battles using 6mm figures. The versions here are the 2024 amended editions. 

Legio VI Macedonica refights battles of the Macedonian wars from Alexander the Great to the conquest of the Successor kingdoms by Rome. They can also be used for the wars of the Roman Republic up to the Marian reforms (circa 100 BC).


Legio VI Carthago is a cut down version of Leg VI Macedonica for battles of the Punic Wars. They ignore troops that did not participate in the Punic wars such as pikemen, cataphracts and scythed chariots. It is these rules which will be used for the Society of Ancients 2024 Ilipa Battle Day. 

Legio VI Julia Augusta is for the wars of the late Roman Republic and early Empire.

Click on links below for free downloads:

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