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Civitates Bellantes is a set of rules which simulate warfare in Europe, the near East and  Mediterranean from the fourth century BC to the third century AD. The rules are suitable for games with miniature figures in all scales from 2mm to 30mm. Although primarily designed with the Macedonian and Punic wars in mind, the mechanisms can be used for the earlier Greek and Persian conflicts as well as the rise of Imperial Rome. 


Although these rules are designed around the same principles as Comitatus, they also have unique features which capture the flavour of the period. Particular attention has been given to developing practical ways to reflect the relative strengths and weaknesses of the phalanx, the legion and their supporting arms.


The rules are available for £5 as a fully illustrated PDF with hyperlinks to help navigation and to clarify terms.

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This will take you to a Paypal link. Once I have been notified of the purchase I will invite you to join a Dropbox folder from where you can access the full rules. Available as PDF only.

Click button to download free QRS which contains a summary of all the important rules.

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