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More Blue Painted Brits

The latest figures to emerge from my painting table are some Ancient British cavalry. The figures are Baccus 6mm.

Here they are riding out from their village to drive the Romans back into the sea. Ancient British horses were described in disparaging terms by the Romans — small, ugly and ungainly. They were probably more like Exmoor ponies than proper cavalry mounts.

A charge against formed enemy would be unlikely but they could harass them, run down fugitives and support chariots. That some of these men are displaying the severed heads of defeated  enemies shows that they are a force to be reckoned with.

As the cavalry ride out the druids conduct a sacrifice to invoke the favour of the gods. No doubt a Roman or two will soon be available to replace the sheep on the sacrificial alter. The village huts are TimeCast, sheep and druids are from Irregular Miniatures. The villagers are Baccus.

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1 Comment

Looking good Simon, how the heck you manage to paint 6mm figures is beyond me. :0)

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