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Late Roman and Early Medieval Wargames Scenarios

These scenarios below have been designed to support Comitatus wargames rules so players can see how various forces might be composed and interpreted under the rules. They can easily be adapted for other rule sets.  All scenarios are freely downloadable Pdfs. 

AD 244. The final battle of the Roman Emperor Gordian's campaign against the Sassanid Persians under Shapur I.

AD 312. Constantine's famous victory over Maxentius on the outskirts of Rome.

AD 357. Caesar Julian's victory over the Alamanni

AD 377. A simple introductory Comitatus scenario from the Late Roman period using a relatively small number of troops in a fairly classic infantry v infantry encounter.

AD 378. The Goths destroy the Roman Army. The  Comitatus scenario developed for the 2022 Society of Ancients Battle Day.

AD 430. Warlords and Rebels —  a multi-player fictitious scenario set in the chaos of 5th Century Gaul. Originally published in my 1991 book Goths, Huns and Romans and run at several Society of Ancients conferences.

AD 451. The defeat of Attila's Huns by the Romans and Visigoths at the Battle of the Catalaunian Plains (or Campus Mauriacus). 

AD 530. A nearly all-cavalry action between the Persians and East Romans. 

AD 838. The Byzantine army led in person by the Emperor must destroy an invading Arab force before they can be reinforced by Turks


1014. Brian Boru, the High King of Ireland, takes on rebels and Vikings outside Dublin.

1071. The decisive clash between the Byzantines and Seljuk Turks for control of Anatolia. 

1097. The first major battle of the crusades. Turkish horse archers against knights, pilgrims and Byzantines

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