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17th -18th Century Scenarios

These scenarios below have been designed to support Close Fire & European Warfare wargames rules so players can see how various forces might be composed and interpreted under the rules. They can easily be adapted for other rule sets.  All scenarios are freely downloadable Pdfs. 

1643.  The first battle of King Louis XIV's reign brought about by the French attacking to relive the Spanish siege of Rocroi.

1657.  A prelude to the Battle of the Dunes (below) with a Franco-English army attempting to break the Spanish siege of Ardes. There is an option for a multi-player game with competing objectives on the same sides.

1658.  The last battle of the Franco-Spanish War, English Civil War and French Fronde rebellion, fought amongst the dunes near Dunkirk

1690.  The decisive battle between James II and William III for the English throne

1703. An allied force of Dutch, Prussians and Imperialists  try to hold the Lines of Stolhoffen against a French attack.

1706. The action on the southern flank at Ramillies. This involves an assault on two villages and a cavalry action.

1707. A 'what if' scenario based on a French attack on the flank of the Allied army. 

marl 014.JPG

1708. The French attempt to break the siege of Lille.

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