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Medieval Scenarios

Many of these scenarios have been designed to support Tree of Battles wargames rules so players can see how various forces might be composed and interpreted under the rules. They can easily be adapted for other rule sets.  All are freely downloadable Pdfs. 

1346. French players vie with each other for glory and prestige against the English.

1471. A what if   Wars of the Roses scenario with two relatively small armies.  It assumes that a historical skirmish turned into a battle.

1471. King Edward IV returns to re-claim the throne of England from Henry VI.

1485. The last major battle of the Wars of the Roses. A scenario played out at the 2021 Society of Ancients Battle Day.

1485. A simple Bosworth scenario, leaving out the Stanleys and Percy. This allows players to fight a relatively small uncomplicated game.

crecy low res.jpg

1485. A semi-historical pre-Bosworth scenario based on a clash between the advance guards of the two armies.

1487. The last battle of the Wars of the Roses. Irish and continental pikemen up against King Henry VII. 

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