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"These perils frightened our soldiers."

The quote forming the titile is from Julius Caesar describing the effect British chariots had on his men. In preparation for a game of Caesar's first landing in Britain I have just finished painting a first batch of four chariots.

The chariots are Baccus 6mm, backed up by some light cavalry (see More Blue Painted Brits.) The background sky is clearly that of a Bristish summer's day which must have been a bit of a shock for the Romans. It may have accounted for them describing the Ancient Britons as painting themselves blue.

I have four more still to paint. This next batch are Rapier Miniatures, yet to be cleaned up and primed.

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1 Comment

Very impressive, I think they would frighten anyone 🤔 probably not that effective as a battlefield weapon but the psychological impact must have been quite hair raising 😉

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