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Reinforcements for Rocroi

Italians, Burgundians and Germans fresh off the painting table, ready to join the Spanish Army at Rocroi (1643).

The Italians (left) and Burgundians (right) fought in the second line of the Spanish army at Rocroi. The Germans (rear) formed the fourth line.

The figures are mostly the excellent 1898 Miniaturas supplemented by Perry, Warlord Games, Redoubt and Avanpost. No two figures are the same.

I am particularly pleased with the way the flag of this Italian unit turned out. Yes I painted it but I cheated. I scanned the image from a book, scaled it to size on my computer then made a copy which I flipped horizontally for the reverse image, before printing. Then I painted it over and used PVA to wrap the two sides around the staff. Painting over a printed image makes the flag blend in better and look less like a print. It is a bit like painting by numbers and I think the extra effort is very much worth it.

These doughty-looking Germans will form the reserve fourth line of the Spanish army.

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