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The Last Yorkists

Stoke Field (1487) was the last attempt by the Yorkists to regain the throne of England.

These figures are also the last Yorkists I needed to paint up in advance of gaming Stoke Field this coming Sunday. They represent the retainers of Viscount Lovell. The figures are Perry Wars of the Roses both plastic and metal, with the exception of the one on the far right front of photo which is Perry Hundred Years War.

Lovell’s livery colours were blue and yellow. His badge was a chained white hound. These are the elements of the flag I have painted for his men fight under. Many of the men also wear his livery colours, including a number of helmets painted in them.

They will fight alongside the Earl of Lincoln’s retinue (see Arming the Knights). It helps for visual effect that Lincoln’s livery colours were also blue and yellow. So the two bases fit well together.

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