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Seljuk Ghulams

The latest off my painting table is this unit of Seljuk Ghulams — the professional ‘slave soldiers’ of Alp Arslan’s army at Manzikert. These heavy horse archers would deliver volleys of arrows at their enemies and then, when the time was right, they would close in with swords and maces.

My Comitatus rules allow them to shoot two ranks deep at long range, the rear rank giving support in hand to hand combat when they close.

Should the circumstances not be to their liking they have the option to evade an enemy charge.

Although the men are not uniformed I have, as ever, attempted to give the unit a coherent look by limiting the colours I use. The predominant colour is green with red and yellow complimenting.

All the troops we need to replay Manzikert are now ready. The game will be on 18 August.

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Those are very nice Simon- what manufacturer?

Simon MacDowall
Simon MacDowall

Mostly Gripping Beast both plastics and metals. I think there may also be one or two Footsore as well


Richard Speedman
Richard Speedman

I look forward to slaughtering these beautiful bowmen, or leading them to victory, depending on which side I end up playing 🙂

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