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New Wars of the Roses Command Groups

When I first began to paint my Wars of the Roses armies I decided to focus on those contingents taking part in the Battle of Barnet (1471). After being distracted by the Society of Ancients Bosworth Battle Day I am getting ready to finally re-fight Barnet next week.

Finding myself slightly short on Lancastrians I have just finished painting John Lord Scrope of Bolton's contingent. The miniatures are a mix of Perry 28mm metals and plastics.

Scrope was a supporter of the Earl of Warwick. He fought alongside Warwick on the Yorkist side at Northampton and Towton, on the Lancastrian side at Barnet and the Yorkist side at Bosworth. His livery was white with a Cornish chough badge.

Some time ago I painted up a generic unit of Lancastrian archers, some of whom are in Scrope's livery. They can now fight alongside their Lord.

My next Wars of the Roses project is a refight of Stoke Field. This requires a large Irish contingent which was commanded by Sir Thomas Fitzgerald. I have just completed his command group.

I wanted Fitzgerald's command to have a mix of traditional Irish dress alongside men in more conventional albeit old fashioned styles. The figures are a mix of Perry WoR Irish, Perry HYW French, Perry WoR English and First Corps Late Medieval.

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1 Comment

Ernie Fosker
Ernie Fosker
Oct 06, 2023

Great looking command groups, Simon.

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