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Men and horses in glistening armour

After the Society of Ancients Ilipa Battle Day (this coming weekend) I rather fancy pitting my 6 mil Romans up against the Seleucids. With elephants, scythed chariots, camels, cataphracts, and every other trick in the book that the ancient world could devise, what is there not to like?

Here are my completed 6 mil cataphracts -- men and horses in glistening armour. Arranged on movement trays in wedges they are ready to cut through a legion as they did at Magnesia in 189 BC.

The units viewed from the rear. The models are Baccus 6mm.

Then come the elite Agema and Hetairoi, also arrayed in wedges.

Although less fully armoured than the cataphracts their opponents will no doubt be over-awed by the elegant magnificence of their dress and equipment.

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They do look quite impressive, Simon, it has to be said, excellent stuff!

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