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New Life for Old Turks

Many years ago, with all the best intentions, I thought I would build a Seljuk army to oppose my Byzantines and to fight the actions of the First Crusade. For a myriad of reasons the army never got off the ground apart from a single unit of light cavalry.

I am still rather pleased with this nearly 40 year old unit of Garrison 25mm Turks. As they have barely seen any table-top action there is almost no wear or damage to the paint. The bases, however, were pretty basic and so I have just finished rebasing them.

I am particularly proud of the decorations on their clothing and also the shield patterns. The intricacy of the designs gave me huge satisfaction once completed and I still think they are as good or better than many of my more current units. I am not sure if I would have the patience now to do similar — perhaps that is why I never completed the Seljuk army.

No matter. This unit can happily serve as auxiliaries in my Byzantine army, or join its opponents.

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