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More Turks

Fresh off the painting table is another unit of Seljuk Turks as allies or enemies for my 10th-11th C Byzantine army.

The figures are a mix of some old Garrison 25mm figures with the addition of some more recent Perry 28's from their Crusader range.

As ever I have kept to a minimal colour palate to give this non-uniformed unit a sense of coherence. Green and yellow predominate with some complementary shads of red.

Although decades apart, the older Garrison blend well with the newer Perrys. This is helped by the fact that the Garrison figures have separate torsos and legs, as do several of the Perrys. The man on the left (with hat) is a Garrison torso on Perry legs, the man on the right (helmet) is a Perry miniature, both torso and legs. Mixing them like this helps the figures to blend in with each other.

The man in the foreground here is a Perry torso on Garrison legs mounted on a Minifig horse. In the background is a complete Garrison figure, again on a Minifig horse.

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