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Men of Bronze

I have just finished painting my first Hoplite unit for Alala! and the Society of Ancients Mantinea Battle Day.

These are Newline Designs 20mm figures which will march alongside Pete O’Toole’s 1:72 scale hoplites (see previous posts). The trident painted on their bronze shields identifies them as Mantineans.

Some Spartan allies (as the Mantineans were in 362 BC) wore red tunics as did many other Greeks. So I decided to paint their tunics in various red shades fading to pink whilst still giving them the individualistic look of men who provided their own equipment.

The bases have magnetic strips underneath to keep them firm on the movement trays to which I added steel sheets (both from Magnetic Displays). I spray painted the movement trays with Humbrol Desert Tan before texturing and flocking the edges to match the hoplite bases.

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