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Second Mantinea (362 BC) will be the next battle featured at the 2023 Society of Ancients Battle Day. This has provided me with my next project.

I had thought it unlikely I could raise two Greek hoplite armies from scratch between now and then. That was until Pete O’Toole came forward to offer up his magnificent collection of 1/72nd scale Greeks to fight it out at the Battle Day.

Pete’s figures are a mix of Atlantic, Italieri, Zveda and Hat plastics. Some of his shield designs are slightly unorthodox but completely delightful!

I am now painting up some cavalry and other bits and bobs to supplement them — using Newline Designs 20mm metal figures. These have been an absolute joy to paint. Like many of us, I started wargaming in 1/72nd scale. It leaves me wondering why we ever left that scale instead of bracketing it with 15mm and 25/28mm. I am delighted to be returning to the true wargaming scale!

The unit in front is painted as Theban cavalry (noted for sporting white painted helmets). Behind them some generic cavalry with a distinct lack of clothing. Still on the painting table are heavier cavalry and a temple to decorate the battlefield.

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2 commentaires

Tim O'Connor
Tim O'Connor
27 sept. 2022

Hi Simon

The 1/72 scale brings back fond memories of my early days in war going back almost 50 years and yes it was a real joy doing 20 mm . Your 20 mm metal figures look great and good luck with this project.

Tim O' Connor


Ernie Fosker
Ernie Fosker
12 sept. 2022

The Greeks look brilliant, Simon. Well done Pete.

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