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Alp Arslan Considers

Faced with a far more numerous enemy at Manzikert, Sultan Muhammad Ibn Dawud Çağrı, known as Alp Arslan, considers his options.

Alp Arslan listens to advice while sipping a glass of wine. Although a convert to Islam he does not follow all of the Prophet's teachings to the letter.

Meanwhile a Frankish prisoner is given the opportunity to reveal more about the Roman Emperor's army and plans.

These two vignettes are from Perry Miniatures Crusade Range (MA18 Saljuq Emirs Court). They are the most recent figures I have painted in anticipation of re-fighting Manzikert in August.

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1 Comment

Ernie Fosker
Ernie Fosker
Jul 05, 2023

'Ah, Effendi, fear not, they may be more numerous my lord, but they are infidels, they do not fight for Allah, the one true God, therefore they will be defeated! Allah Akbar!'

They look brilliant, Simon, superb!

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