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Forward to the 17th Century

I have slowly been building up my French and Spanish armies with the intent of re-fighting Rocroi (1643) — the time of the Three Musketeers. The French are more or less complete and so it is time for a last push to finish off the Spanish.

The French King's Musketeers who fought at Rocroi (North Star 1672 range).

I have long wanted to replicate a Spanish Tercio based on this painting of the defiant Spanish at Rocroi. Now, thanks to 1898 Miniatures I have come something close to it.

I hope I have done it justice. Most of the figures are 1898 with a few additions from Tercio, Avanpost, Bohemian and TAG.

Many of the 1878 Miniatures are clearly based on the same painting, depicting a battered but not beaten Spanish Tercio. The dog is a nice additional touch.

Next up on the painting table are the figures I shall be using to represent two battalions of Italians forming the second line of the Spanish army at Rocroi. The figures are a mix of ranges including 1898, TAG, Warlord Games, Avanpost and Bohemian Miniatures.

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