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Armenians for Manzikert

Next up on the painting table is a unit of 11th C Armenians for my Byzantine army. The Armenian Theme was unwisely abandoned by Emperor Constantine IX in the 1050s. Those Armenians fighting at Manzikert would have been an independent contingent rather than paid Imperial troops.

The figures are all Perry Miniatures from their excellent Crusades range. As ever I am keeping to a limited colour pallet to give an un-uniformed unit a coherent look. Red, green and yellow are the predominant colours with many men sporting un-dyed linen or wool coats. The shields will all have a background in varying shades of red. \

When painting a large unit such as this (it will have 28 figures) I like to paint half at a time. This helps me to maintain motivation and interest by not having to do quite so many repetitive tasks (belts for example) all in one go. The finished men are in the background while I continue to work on those in the foreground.

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Ernie Fosker
Ernie Fosker
19 may 2023

Looking superb, Simon 👏

Me gusta
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