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Classical Ancients Wargames Scenarios

These scenarios below have been designed to support 'Alala!Legio VI and Civitates Bellantes wargames rules so players can see how various forces might be composed and interpreted under the rules. They can easily be adapted for other rule sets.  All scenarios are freely downloadable Pdfs. 

362 BC. The epic clash of Theban and Spartans.  An 'Alala! scenario.  

317 BC. The first major battle between the successors of Alexander the Great.  A Legio VI scenario.  

280 BC. The first of Pyrrhus' battles against the Romans. The game involves a river crossing and deployment as well as a full scale battle. A Civitates Bellantes scenario.

168 BC. Roman Legions and Macedonian Phalangites clash to decide the fate of  the ancient world. A Civitates Bellantes scenario.

48 BC. The  battle between Caesar and Pompey for mastery of Rome. A Legio VI scenario.  

More to follow soon.

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