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Legio-Wargames is devoted to my hobby of historical wargaming with miniature figures. In these pages you will find rules, tips, painting guides and game scenarios. There is also a liberal sprinkling of photographic eye candy. On these pages I will share my thoughts and ideas and hopefully give others some of the joy I have had from the hobby.

My great historical love has always been Romans, particularly the later Empire and early Dark Ages, and I have written several books about that period. I do, however, delve into other eras, particularly the Later Middle Ages and the European and American wars of the 17th-18th Centuries. I get as much joy out of raising and painting my armies as I do playing the actual games. In doing so it feels as if I am bringing to life the men who made history.


Simon MacDowall


New Rules for Ancient Greek Hoplite warfare now available as a free download from the Rules section (under Ancients). Nov. 2022

The Vandals

The first book in my Conquerors of Rome series — The Vandals, has been reprinted in paperback 

If you would like a signed copy, contact me using the button below. I also have some hard cover copies remaining. The Goths and The Franks still hard copy only.

Simon MacDowall. Sept 2022


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