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My new rules for Ancient Greek Hoplite warfare are now published by the Society of Ancients. They are available here.
An 'Alala!  Facebook group can be joined here. 

Revised edition of Shieldwall rules for Dark Age battles in Britain and Northern Europe Now available as free download from the Rules section.  (July 2024) These will be used at the 2025 Society of Ancients Maldon Battle Day.

Legio-Wargames is devoted to my hobby of historical wargaming with miniature figures. In these pages you will find rules, tips, painting guides and game scenarios. There is also a liberal sprinkling of photographic eye candy. On these pages I will share my thoughts and ideas and hopefully give others some of the joy I have had from the hobby.

My great historical love has always been Romans, particularly the later Empire and early Dark Ages, and I have written several books about that period. I do, however, delve into other eras, particularly the Later Middle Ages and the European and American wars of the 17th-18th Centuries. I get as much joy out of raising and painting my armies as I do playing the actual games. In doing so it feels as if I am bringing to life the men who made history.


Simon MacDowall

New Scenarios (April 2024)

Full downloadable illustrated game scenarios including orders of battle and deployment maps:

Magnesia 189 BC for Legio VI  in Classical Ancients Scenarios

Ilipa 206 BC for Legio VI  in Classical Ancients Scenarios

Mantinea 362 BC for "Alala! in Classical Ancients Scenarios

Stoke Field 1487 in Late Medieval Scenarios


Manzikert 1071 in Late Roman and Early Medieval Scenarios.

Barnet 1471 in Late Medieval Scenarios

The Boyne 1690 in 17th - 18th Century Scenarios.

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