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Legio-Wargames is a website devoted to my hobby of historical wargaming with miniature figures. In these pages you will find rules, tips, painting guides and game scenarios. There is also a liberal sprinkling of photographic eye candy. On these pages I will share my thoughts and ideas and hopefully give others some of the joy I have had from the hobby.


I have been wargaming with miniature figures for as long as I can remember. It began with Airfix plastics on my bedroom floor as a boy, graduating to early Minifigs 25's at university with the Wargames Research Group 3rd Edition ancients rules thanks to Ross Macfarlane.


My great love has always been Romans, particularly the later Empire and early Dark Ages, and I have written several books on the armies of that period. I do, however, delve into other eras, particularly the European and American wars of the 18th Century and the American Civil War.  Although my collection of miniatures now spans many scales, these days I prefer using 15mm and 6mm figures for games.


I get as much joy out of raising and painting my armies as I do playing the actual games. In doing so it feels as if I am bringing to life the men who made history. When it comes to playing a wargame I am looking for something that captures the feel and flavour of a particular period. With the notable exception of Fire and Fury for the American Civil War, I find that most commercial wargames rules do not satisfy me and so I have written my own. You will find these in the Rules pages.


Simon MacDowall

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Comitatus Revision May 2021

Roman Emperor lr

Tree of Battles Medieval Rules, June 2021

Based on the Comitatus mechanims Tree of Battles recreates warfare in late medieval Europe.






















Hard copies are now available from the shop. PDF can already be purchased from the Medieval Rules section.



Comitiatus cover crop 2

I have made a number of revisions to the orginal rules, most significantly replacing the addition and subtraction of 'factors' in combat by dice. This greatly speeds up play and reduces calculations. The revisions are used with the orginal rules and do not change the feel of the game.


They may be downloaded for free from the Rules Section

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