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Goths and Romans

The Society of Ancients Adrianople Battle Day drawing close, my 15mm Goths and Romans deploy for battle.

In a few days time I will be running a game to test out some of the mechanisms I will be using for the Adrianople re-fight designed to confound the players’ historical hindsight. This pre-Battle Day game will be a fictitious yet plausible cross between Ad Salices (AD 377) and Adrianople (AD 378) so as to keep the Adrianople scenario fresh for the players on the day.

At the Battle Day in Newbury 20 March I still have a few places for other players to join in. The game will be played with Comitatus rules.

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Grand- I hope all goes well at battle day. Come on you Romans!

Simon MacDowall
Simon MacDowall
Mar 19, 2022
Replying to

Thanks Pete

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