Legio Wargames

Shields and Finishing Touches

I will be using farily simple shield designs for these figures. I find it easier to first outline the base design with black wash, using a very thin high quality brush. This divides up the sections which will be coloured in after.

You can also see on one figure where I painted over with a bit of white to correct some earlier mistakes

Next, I paint in the basic colours, not worrying about the paint covering up the rims.

When the base colours are done I paint over the rims with white.


Most shields were rimmed with leather but there is evidence of some metal rims. For a metal rim I would use a black rather than white undercoat

I then paint the rims and add in any final details. Most of the rims are Coat d'Arms Leather Brown. Some are red leather created by adding a bit of red to the base leather colour.


When this is done I apply a very thin wash of Liquitex Transparent Raw Umber  over the entire figure. This brings out the detail and draw the colours together.


I apply the wash before painting the metal areas as the wash will dull the metalic effect.

The figures are now finished. You can see how the raw umber wash has brought them to life. The hair and caps look very realistic and the detail is picked out. All of this has been achieved without highlighting, outlining or dry brushing.


After the Raw umber wash I paint the metalwork. I use Games Workshop's Boltgun Metal highlighted with Mithril Silver. For Bronze I use Shinning Gold.


Finally I paint the bases with Coat d'Arms Goblin Green and then pry the figures off the temporary bases with an X-acto knife.

Bases Armour prep1 019 prep1 021 prep1 020 prep1 023