Legio Wargames


My first published work back in 1991. It is a complete wargaming guide to the later Roman period including scenarios and the original version of Comitatus. I am not responsible for the strangely dressed gentleman on the front cover! Copies available from the shop.


A study of the infantry soldiers who formed the backbone of the late Roman Army. In writing this and the others in the Osprey Warrior series I tried to get under the skin of the individual soldiers. Available from Osprey.

A similar treatment of the later Roman cavalryman. Of all the books I did for Osprey I think the illustrations are the best. Christa Hook really managed to create the atmosphere I was looking for without any technical mistakes. Available from Osprey.

This volume looks at the Roman's German enemies - again from the perspective of the individual warrior. Although I am pleased with the text the illustartions let me down a bit. I am not a big fan of Angus McBride's style and there were some glaring errors such as the Goth with stirrups. Available from Osprey.

An in depth study of one of Rome's most significant defeats. This involved tramping over the actual battle site and working out from a combination of primary sources and a terrain study what actually might have occured. Available from Osprey.

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A fully illustrated printed version of Comitatus Wargames Rules.

Full colour throughout, this is an expansion of the on-line version with many examples of play and plentiful illustrations.

Available from the Shop or email me.