Legio Wargames


Here some 15mm Saxons are ready for painting. They will form the rear rank of the unit in the background. I have already completed the front rank and glued them onto their bases. I selected the figures to be painted from my plentiful supply of unpainted castings from a variety of manufacturers.


You can see the tray of unpainted Dark Age infantry in the background. The selection was made by placing several possibilities on the bases behind the finished front rankers until I found the ones that looked best to fill in the ranks. This group of 11 come from Essex, Magister Militum, Feudal Castings, Isarus, Old Glory, Lancashire Games and Outpost. There is also a camp follower element from Donnington which will be used as a supernumerary marker for Shieldwall.


All the figures are first cleaned of flash. The Outpost figures came with separate spears and shields and I glued these in place with super glue. Sometimes I leave shields off and paint them before gluing but I prefer not to unless their position will make it impossible to paint easily in behind them.


The one Isarus figure (far left of the photo behind the camp followers) was originally a Roman Auxiliary with pillbox cap. I cut the head off, keeping it in my spare head box (also in the background) for later use. I replaced it with an Essex head with phrygian cap, glued on with super glue.  


Each figure is then lightly glued on a small piece of cardboard (with white glue). This allows me to handle them easily without the paint rubbing off. The camp followers are base on a penny which will be their permanent base as they will be used as stand alone markers.

The figures are spray painted with a white undercoat. I use the Games Workshop Skull White. I have tried other undercoating methods but for my style white is the only one that works. White brings out the brightness of the colour and it also makes shading and highlighting virtually unnecessary. I use acrylic paint which has a slight translucent quality. If you apply it thinned with water the paint settles into the grooves on the casting and the white undercoat makes the highlights lighter.

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camp followers

converted figure