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Pike and Shot 16th to early 18th Century

The main focus of these wargames rules is European warfare from roughly 1700-1720. It was a period of military history that bridged the gap from the ‘pike and shot’ armies of the preceding century to the familiar ‘horse and musket’ armies that saw their full development in the latter half of the 18th Century.


Too often wargames in this ‘Marlburian period’ are fought using conventional ‘horse and musket’ rules which have been developed to re-create the atmosphere of the Seven Years War or even the Napoleonic Wars. The result, usually, is just another Napoleonic game using different looking armies. Therefore, the historical period covered by Close Fire has been kept deliberately narrow in order to concentrate on trying to re-create the flavour of this interesting and formative period of military history.


Adaptations for the 16th and 17th centuries are work in progress.


The Naval rules were especially created for the 345th anniversary of the Battle of Sole Bay 28 May 2017.

Original War of Spanish Succession Version

18th C 043

The French Maison du Roi. 15mm Minifigs

17th Century Version

16th Century Version

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