Legio Wargames

Painting Tips

My Painting Style


My style is slightly impressionistic. I want the finished unit to look as realistic as possible when viewed on the table top. I find if the individual detail is too precise they look correct in near view but you get a rather toy-like appearance. Therefore my figures are deliberately done in a more 'painterly' style to give a realistic impression when viewed from a distance. The smaller the scale the more important this is.


A single 54mm figure needs a lot of fine detail to look right. Hundreds of 6mm figures in a single unit need to look good together when viewed from about 3 feet away. Viewed up close some of the contrast might look a bit odd but further back they look just right.


You can see what I mean looking at these photos of a 15mm Gothic command group. Viewed up close, as in the top picture, they look a bit overly stylised. At the distance you would normally view them you get a more realistic impression.

Goth Command 1_edited-2 Shieldwall 1 Preparation Secret Ingredient Faces Basic Colours Shields Bases Horses Armour Flags 6mm Figures 1:2400 ships