A variety of wargames scenarios covering the period from after the fall of the West Roman Empire to the Burgundian Wars

Medieval Scenarios



A historical scenario where an allied force of Mercians and Britons defend against a Northumbrian invasion

single combat med res



The first major battle of the crusades. This scenario was first published in Slingshot along with an early expansion of Comitatus beyond the Late Roman period. It won the Society of Ancients Alan Nicklels Prize in 1989

The first of many victories of the East Roman general Belisarius. This one over the Persians.




Another ‘what if’ Wars of the Roses scenario for Tree of Battles rules. This one set just before the Battle of Bosworth.  



Vikings and Irishmen fight it out to determine who will be High King of Ireland




A Tree of Battles scenario for the Battle of Bosworth, ignoring the precence of the Stanley's or Percy, allowing players to fight a relatively small uncomplicated battle.