Imperial Roman Scenarios

Wargames scenarios covering the period from the Late Republic up to the Fall of the West Roman Empire (100 BC to AD 500)

A semi-historical scenario from the Marcomannic Wars setting Romans against an alliance of Germans and Sarmatians

Can the Huns call in their foraging troops in time to prevent the Romans froam capturing their camp? A fictional but realistic scenario set in the dark days of the 5th C AD

This scenario re-creates the Battle of Meshike, AD 244 between the Romans under the Emperor Gordian and the Persians under Shapur I. It is designed for Comitatus but can easily be adapted to any rules.

pers v rom 1

On 9 August AD 378 the East Roman Emperor Valens led an army of 15,000 men from Adrianople confident of destroying Fritigern's Goths who were encamped 8 miles to the north. Valens' scouts had reported that the Goths only numbered 10,000 fighting men. They had not discovered that the majority of the Gothic cavalry were foraging off to the north west. As the Romans were deploying the Gothic cavalry returned. They drove off the Roman cavalry and then rolled up the infantry line.

In late June AD 451 a formidable invasion of Huns and Germans led by Attila was defeated by an alliance of Romans, Goths and other Germans under Aëtius in a battle that took place on the plains of Champagne in France. The Battle of the Catalaunian Plains (also known as Campus Mauriacus, or more commonly the Battle of Châlons) arguably changed the course of European history.  

Sassanid Persian cavalry advance on the Roman lines at the Battle of Meshike, AD 244

The Romans, supported by a large contingent of Huns, advance against the Visigoths in southern France.

Julian's famous victory over the Alamanni.

One of the last gasps of the Western Roman Empire representing the attempt by the Emperor Majorian to re-establish control over modern day France. He is resisted by a collection of Visigoths and Gallo-Romans.