Legio Wargames

Comitatus Scenarios

These scenarios have been specifically designed to support Comitatus wargames rules. All of the scenarios in this series will be available as illustrated downloadable Pdfs.


I will be designing historical scenarios to illustrate most armies of the period covered by Comitatus (AD 250-1100) so players can see how various forces might be composed and interpreted under the rules.

This battle, fought in AD 530 between the Persians and East Romans, is a nearly all-cavalry action.

The first major battle of the crusades in 1097. Turkish horse archers against knights, pilgrims and Byzantines


A simple introductory scenario from the Late Roman period using a relatively small number of troops in a fairly classic infantry v infantry encounter.

Set in 838, the Byzantine army led in person by the Emperor must destory an invading Arab force before they can be reinforced by Turks.

Constantine's famous victory over Maxentius on the outskirts of Rome in 312.

Brian Boru, the High King of Ireland, takes on Rebels and Vikings outside Dublin in 1014

1. Daras 2. Dorylaeum 3. Ad Salices 4. Dasymon 5. Milvian Bridge 6. Clontarf