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Defending the Limes

By smacdowall, Jun 7 2021 02:40PM

The latest troops to emerge from my painting table is this unit of 5th century Roman limitanei ready to defend the Gallic frontier (limes). Their shield pattern is based on the Honoriani Gallicani.

This unit could equally serve as Gallo-Romans or Romano-Britons. I suspect that at some time in the future they will find the occasion to be fielded together with my Visigoths against the Franks.

I have attempted to balance the uniform look of the shields, yellow-brown cloaks, and undyed linen or wool tunics, with a certain degree of individuality appropriate for the farmer-soldiers of the limitanei. This is helped by a mix of figures from Wargames Foundry, First Corps and Footsore with a variety of headgear yet in similar poses. Trousers and lower leg bindings are also different and I have varied the clavi (tunic decorations) both in colour and design.

And here they are alongside a similar unit (all Wargames Foundry) that I painted many years ago. I have always liked the look of that blue shield unit in resting poses. It is about time they were joined by others.

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