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Battlefield Windmill

By smacdowall, Aug 14 2021 11:27AM

In preparation for the Society of Ancients Bosworth Battle Day I have been working on a 28mm scale windmill. Because of their dominant size, windmills tended to be adopted as command posts right through to early modern times. Edward III set up his command post by a windmill at Crécy. So did the French at Oudenarde, the allies at Malplaquet and the Prussians at Ligny. So a windmill is a great wargames battlefield addition. At Bosworth Richard III’s camp was set up near the Daddington windmill.

My model is an MDF cut kit from Warlord Games. The basic model is very well detailed but when assembled it looks like what it is — MDF.

I decided, therefore, that I needed to make it look more like weathered wood.

My first step was to spay paint the finished model with a mix of Humbrol matt spray paints — various shades of grey, tan and green. This took down the sheen of the MDF aa can be seen in the above with the contrast to the unsparyed windmill floor. But it still did not look very realistic as there was no real texture.

I therefore thinned down some acrylic wood filler with water and incompletely mixed in some dabs of Payne's grey, raw sienna and olive green.

Using a paint brush I applied the mix along the theoretical grain of the wood to give some texture. As I had deliberately not mixed the colours completely together I got colour variations along the wood ‘planks’ which gave a pleasingly irregular weathered look.

The final step was to give washes of thinned down raw umber and Payne’s grey.

To finish it off I textured and flocked the base and added a few flour sacks for interest.

The windmill is now ready to grace Bosworth Field, and many more battlefields after that.

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