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Bases - Mounting

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I now use magnetic bases for all my figures. It makes them easy to store and also gives strength to a relatively thin base. I use Magnetic Display's thinnest adhesive backed sheets, cover them with thin card or even just paper and cut them to size. I then paint them with a rough coat of Coat d'Arms Goblin Green, making sure to paint the edges as well as the top.


The front rank figures of this unit were painted and mounted before I began the second rank. I chose the rear rankers so that they fitted in well with the rest of the unit


I use wood filler to build up the bases.


It is important to use a light water based filler rather than a heavy duty solvent based one.


In the UK the best is Ronseal Multi Purpose Wood Filler in natural pine. When I lived in Canada I used Lepage's wood filler and it was better and easier to use than what you get in the UK.


Before mounting the rear rankers I fill in around the backs of the front rank figures in areas it will be hard to reach later. I apply the filler thinned down with water using a combination of a tooth pick and old brush.


The rear rank figures are then glued into place using white glue.

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