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18th/19th Century Scenarios

A Fire & Fury scenario for the afternoon action at the Battle of Antietam. It is a realtively easy one to set up and gives a very balanced game in a few hours

acw 013a

A scenario recreating the action on the north flank at Chickamauga on the first day. Again a scenario that can be played to conclusion in 3-4 hours

This scenario represents the action on the Allied right wing at the Battle of Blenheim.

blen close up mid res

A 'might have been' game which assumes a French offensive against the Allies in ealry 1707

The first battle of Saratoga which was decisive in securing American independence.

Ab allied force of Dutch, Prussians, Imperialists and other Germans try to hold the Lines of Stolhoffen against a French attack.

The action on the southern flank at the Battle of Ramillies. This includes an assult of two villages and a large cavalry battle

Downloadable Orders of Battle for the game desecribed on the Blog

French Allies